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America Wins The War
As much as we enjoyed not updating as a condition of our advisory position in service to the U.S. Government during our recent war against Terrorism, we're finally back. As a big welcome back present to ourselves, we took a break and didn't update for a while longer. Then, we did.
Wolfenstein Boss Monster
America Under Attack
We're not gonna pussyfoot around this: Terrorists blew up the World Trade Center.  We know it and you know it, and there isn't any other topic on the planet that amounts to much in the aftermath of it.  As much as we'd like to think up some mildly positive spin to this, such as the new possibility that we might get to see Cat Stevens killed on live television, we can't.  Frankly, it's the first explosive act in what will probably be the end of the world.  Luckily for you, unlike many stars of stage and screen, Erik's all cried out now and there's only rage left in the parts of his head where tears used to be. He's a gamer.  That's who he is, that's what he does, that's all he knows, and that's how he plans to avenge us all.
WW2 Online Patch Readme
E3 2000 Wrap-up
Welcome Back Message
I'll be honest with you: I don't know what happened.  To make up for our extended leave of absence, I've written a letter of explanation that includes three or four hidden game reviews.  As a further act of contrition, I've hidden them in plain sight.  The letter also includes a rap about Black and White.  Remarkably, no apology for the rap will be necessary since it's actually "quite dope", as the Oxford-educated butler on a UPN sitcom guest starring DMX might say.
Serious Sam: The Second Interview
Serious Sam's out.  To celebrate, we've landed yet another exclusive interview with Croteam's Roman Ribaric.  In it, he once again sticks it to the Man.  As usual, the Man becomes red-faced and shakes his fist at Roman.  You don't have to be against the Man to enjoy this interview, but it helps.  Continuing our long tradition of service to the community, we've made it easier than ever for you to access the interview by providing three points of entry.  Click here, here, or here.
2000 Edgy Game of the Year Awards
We are back with our first ever year end awards.  Every day for the next six days we will be giving out an award in a new best of category. 
Best Tribes 2 Screen Shot
Best Use of Norse Mythology
Reviewer's Tilt
The Winner!
For those of you worried about our recent money troubles.  Stop just mailing in and offering us your sympathy. You can make a difference. Yes,  a mere reader like you CAN help.  Just blow up the image on the right and print out as many as you can.   Then staple them to telephone poles in your area.   For maximum coverage - make your own and vary the wallet color.   Thanks.
Dreamcast Contest
Just in time for Christmas, we're giving away a Dreamcast and five great games and Shenmue.  My goddamn back arrow key isn't working, so pretend the three exclamation points at the end of this sentence  are at the end of the previous sentence!!!  For once we thought ahead and actually had all the prize stuff in our hands before we announced the contest.
How To Get Rich Quick - Part 2
Bad Candy Mark buys us a Playstation 2 so that we can sell it for ten times what it's worth on eBay, and LightsOut Entertainment is there to capture it all on digital video.  Not since Triumph of the Will has such questionable behavior been so artfully presented. Click here or here for all the details.
How To Get Rich Quick - Part 1
Just because we're not as big as Something Awful doesn't mean our financial woes are any less severe.  With Chet gone on business, Erik has decided to single-handedly solve all of our money problems.  And he's convinced Bad Candy Mark to help him.  Read all about it.  Stay tuned all week as we report on our progress.  A lucky reader may even win ONE MILLION DOLLARS, though not as a result of anything having to do with this article, Old Man Murray or UGO.  Please note that the article contains never before seen word sequences mocking Daily Radar's Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask review.  Click on this dollar sign to continue: $
OMM vs. The Secret Service
The amazing true story of Earth vs. The United States Secret Service!  Representing Earth: Erik, Seanbaby, and, for a few minutes, Chet.  What's the "secret" the U.S. Secret Service pledge their lives to protect?  It turns out, there isn't one.  Their name just makes it sound like there is.  However, we did learn that special agents make even specialer... friends.  And you know what?  Maybe that's the secret.  Because no matter what the lady who answers the phone at the Secret Service says, I'm still pretty sure there's a secret.  Click to confirm you do not want to harm the President.
Death of Adventure Games
Adventure games have been dying for fifteen years.  According to an article at Gamecenter, they're now completely deceased.  We spent two weeks poking the corpse with straws to make sure it really was dead before filing this report on who killed adventure games.  Note to the United States Secret Service:  We said Adventure Games.
Virtua Seaman
Alien vs. Child Predator
Interview With Ralph Bagley, Maker of Religious Games
Cratemaster Contest Results
The Carmack Automated Mouth
Cratemaster Compatibility Test & Final Release
Deus Ex Walkthru
Serious Sam: The Interview
Crate Review System
SWAT 3 Strategy Guide
Is Paul Steed Objective?
From The Mixed Up Files Of Mrs. Roberta S. Williams
Salaryman Murray
Warriors Storyboard
Drakan Week Official Response
Drakan Week Mission Statement
American McGee's Alice
Asheron's Call Beta Log & Review
The Slugger
Use The Right Words
Romero vs Erik
Marvin's FunSpace

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