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SWAT 3 Strategy Guide
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If you play S.W.A.T.  3 according to the rules in the manual, it's not the S.W.A.T. I remember from the 70's TV show.   This was a period when cop shows featured tough, no-nonsense policework.  Kojak didn't chase the bad guys like some Olympic sprinter, he shot them in the leg, sometimes from the seat of a comfortable chair, and then yelled,"Saperstein,  Rizzo cuff those monkeys."

When S.W.A.T was chosen to guard some white supremacists, they assigned the token black team member to the detail.  Why?  To show the world how tough they were.

S.W.A.T. 3 is missing this kind of attitude.  Instead of simulating tough cops, the game rewards you for being a wimp and handling dangerous situations by the book.   After a long session of S.W.A.T. 3, I asked erik to join me in one of our favorite office games, "Who Wants To Smell My Finger?"  "I don't have to," erik said, "The pussy smell's all over you."    That's when I knew I had to change my S.W.A.T. 3 play style.  This strategy guide is to help players relive the 70's style cop action.  Before we begin,   I suggest you listen to this .mp3 of the original SWAT theme song to get you in the proper mood.  If possible, play it in an endless loop.

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The main objective of your game should be to not get shot.  The uniformed members of the cast are dispensable.  If you can't remember a squadmate's name, then let him take the bullet. (I suggest not learning any names)  Never, ever lead the way into battle.  Often, the true measure of leadership is your willingness and ability to delegate responsibility.  In policework, that means choosing a subordinate to get plugged.  Do you remember when Deke (the sniper) was shot in the neck and was thought to be paralyzed?  Remember what happened the next week?  He was back climbing trees and scouting rooftops.  Your fellow cops will bounce back and may even appreciate the down time to catch up on some paperwork, which piles up when you run S.W.A.T. as an assassin squad.

Notice in the picture to the left that I am not only behind my team, I am also hidden behind a table.  If you can't see the bad guys, they can't see you.  Always make sure you have something between you and any threat, preferably people - hostages aren't called "human shields" for nothing.

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In these two pictures we see a common problem encountered in S.W.A.T. 3 - a dangerous entry point.  Should we drop some tear gas?  Call off the mission?  Choose another entrance?

Or send down the red team?  Here's where you can utilize the strategy gamer's best friend: strategy.  Make sure to keep your eye on red team's point man.  When he gets shot, his body will jerk in the opposite direction of the shooter.  I designate the red team as my first team.  They are sent to locations that do not provide me the opportunity to fill them with gas or random fire.  Whenever a mission ends and I still have a member of the red team standing, I have to ask myself: did I do enough to ensure my own safety?

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What happens when you accidentally come across someone without your squad between you?  In the training video to the left, you'll see some common rookie mistakes. 

First, our subject yells "hands up!"  You might as well yell, "you there, shoot me!" while stretching and pointing at your neck.  While a few well-chosen words might make a Frenchman cry, nothing stops suspects and hostages like bullets.  Why lose the element of surprise by announcing your presence with your voice?  Shoot the suspect in the leg, then scream "stop or I'll shoot more!" then when she grabs for her thigh, really open up - she may be planning a "Story of Ricky"-like maneuver involving ripping her own femur out of the wound-hole and hitting you with it.

Second, our subject shoots the suspect 3 times while she is standing.  Why so few shots?   Is he planning to ask her out after the mission?  You're carrying an automatic weapon for a reason.  When writhing in pain, even a person as small as a child can quite easily roll over and injure a policeman's secret weapon - the foot.   Once you decide to subdue a suspect, press the trigger and don't let up until the target is lying flat on the ground motionless.  You and the surviving members of your squad will appreciate not having to cuff this suspect.

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