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Freedom: First Resistance Review
Unlike every other goddamn site, we're not going to ruin the suspense and tell you right from the very first paragraph how we feel about a game.   Instead, we're going to state a few facts, drop a couple of subtle hints, and then only tell you whether or not we like the game at the very end.  See if you're clever - and brave! - enough to guess our opinion... Before we even express it!
American McGee's Alice Review
An OMM first!  In an edgy display of opinion giving, we review Gunman Chronicles, American McGee's Alice, and a little bit of Giants.  We even like one of them.  Click on the word Giants to find out which one.
No One Lives Forever Review
No One Lives Forever rocks! 'NUFF SAID!!!
Rune Review Rebuttal
Election 2000 is almost over, and once again neither candidate appears interested in protecting my right to bear arms against fetuses.  How long will it be before some jackbooted unborn lunatic decides to try to tax my tea and, thanks to big government, I'm left with no legal recourse?  I predict eight months.  Sure scientists will tell you that there's always the partial birth abortion.  That's a good plan, if I was a scientist.  Dear Nobel Prize Patrol, I can't even get the Blair Witch 2 demo to install right.  How the hell am I supposed to perform a partial birth abortion, for chrissake?  I say you eggheads keep yakkin'.  Me and Ms. Colt 44 Hollow Point Ornate Nickel-Plated Derringer prefer the working man's Full Magnum Abortion.   Adding to all the political uncertainty, Chet has written a scathing rebuttal of my Rune review.  Great.   Just fucking great.
Rune Review
After our brief summer/fall hiatus, we're back on track with more of our patent-application-filling-out-pending long reviews.  First up, Rune.  While you're probably not surprised that Erik doesn't like it, you might be surprised by the fact that Erik doesn't like it!  If you're so jaded that you're not even surprised by bolding, you're just the kind of person we're trying to reach with the Rune review.
KISS Psycho Circus Review
Codename: Eagle Review
Blaze and Blade Review
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Review
Mortyr Review
Tresspasser Review

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