Happy whales want you to eat them!!

Elvis Rock You!

Whales sing songs of killing humans!!!

Q.How does a rapidly expanding Japanese whale-meat reseller celebrate the last Rocktober of the Millennium??
A.Buy America's #1 Game Site and infuse it with superior Japanese Culture!!!  Gone are the ugly, unhappy American Reviews!!  Hello to fun times and happiness with games!  AND MORE!!!!

Welcome!   It was either this or close up shop.  We were approached by the very polite representatives of Suneya Corporation and offered a chance to become the gaming content provider for their new "CyberNet: Tower 2100" network.  Apparently, we're the only gaming site to ever publicly endorse the mostly reviled practice of Japanese "scientific" whaling, which made us very "pretty" to them.  We don't remember doing it, but we'll take the credit and the one million yen they're paying us to continue the site.  Now that we're millionaires, and will be spending most of our time on jet-skis or attending the opera with our good friend, the cast of Dawson's Creek, it's going to be a little tougher to find the motivation to update as consistently as angry people tell us we once did.  We promise that we'll try.

As to what's going to be different: well, a lot.   We've discovered that the Japanese don't like whales much, except to eat, or Chinese people.  Other than that, they love everything.  As long as we maintain a generally positive attitude, we're free to do as we like.  We mentioned to our new bosses that we lived in Cleveland and added sarcastically that it is "the rock and roll capitol of the world."  Our booming American sarcasm kind of sailed right over their itty-bitty heads, leaving only "rock and roll", about which they were thrilled.  So expect a lot of rocking enthusiasm from the new site. Unfortunately, while we think our own K. Thor Jensen is a creative superstar, he represents the antithesis of rockin' enthusiasm. So he must go. You can read his farewell here.

Oh yeah, also expect frequent visits from and discussions about the "CyberNet: Tower 2100" mascot, Shine Head.

We think he' some kind of celebrity in Japan.   His appeal stems from the fact that his head is shiny.   Suneya Corporation has exclusive rights to the output of a webcam pointed at his balding noodle.   Thanks to a non-negotiable clause in our contract, you'll eventually learn to enjoy Shine Head.

A Japanese PR firm was paid to write a Staff Bio page, but the rest is up to us.  Wish us luck and many very happy readings to you!!!  This is the new era!

Check Back this week for two new Features!!!!

School Girls Ponder Their Panties

Panties Worn By School Girls!

Have you seen my panties?

Elvis Rock You!

From what we understand, we're supposed to preview something called Sex Sex Revolution!  All they sent us were some stills from the movie Stand By Me.

Chet, Erik and Marvin promise you much leering joy!!

"We would like to thank our fine friends at Suneya Corporation for helping us out!   Games Rock!"

Funny Funny Movie!!

Stupid whale dies and men make it blow up!!!
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