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2000 Edgy Game of the Year Awards
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Best Tribes 2 Screenshot

While 2000 saw technology stocks take a dramatic downturn, it was a banner year for stocks whose value was directly tied to the number of Tribes 2 screenshots being released at any given moment.  And a ten dollar investment in a company whose share prices are based on the willingness of gaming news sites to report the release of every Tribes 2 screen grab with the breathless wonder usually reserved for news that John Carmack has grown a second head is now worth ONE MILLION DOLLARS!   What does 2001 hold for the scrappy Tribes 2 The Screenshot team?  If the gaming community is anything like Germany in the years before World War Two, by next year it will take a wheelbarrow full of Tribes 2 Screenshots to even warrant a mention on PlanetStarsiege, which will lead to the devaluation of screenshots in general, and then to the rise of a new Hitler.  So buy up all the old the Nazi stuff you can get on Ebay, because you're gonna want to at least have a Luftwaffe cap and some sort of Nazi medal so you can blend in when the new Hitler comes.  Along with figuring all of that out, we looked through every Tribes 2 screenshot released during the entire year and each picked our favorite.  We also decided to give one screenshot an honorable mention.  Here are the winners:


"This one's good."


"I picked that one too."

Honorable Mention:

Chet: "Get out the drool cup!"
Erik: "In use, my friend! Drooool!"
Chet: "Then break out the scraper, because someone's gonna have to scrape my jaw off the floor!"
Erik: "That's also in use, to scrape my spooge off the monitor!  Spoooge!"
Chet: "Ouch!  Fetch me my eye medicine, because I have an eyeache from watching a whole mixed bag of eye candy!"
Erik: "All of the eye medicine's already in my eye!  I'm done with the scraper, though."


*This award is neither sponsored by, endorsed by, nor, hopefully, seen by Pizza Hut or the people at Pizza Hut.  The edgy font was supplied by Marvin and not Pizza Hut, and should not be considered representative of the actual edginess of your Pizza Hut the Edge pizza pie.  

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