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Tomb Raider 4
StC: -2 seconds (adjusted)
Notes:  You start the game staring at a "crate" just to the right and forward of Lara's ass.
Chet: The whole environment looks like a crate, so they shaped the crate like a vase.  Let's bust it open...
Chet: Okay, there's a spider inside.  That'll be a two second penalty for roughing my desire to see something original. 
Kevin:  And I think they stole the vase idea from Kung Fu Master.
Thief 2
StC: 5 seconds (0 secs in level 2)
Notes:  The first level has barrels at 5 seconds, but the second level starts you in a huge pile of crates.
Chet: This stack of crates is weird.  They're all different sizes.  Someone had to climb to the top to throw some smaller sized crates into the space between the big crates.
StC: Absolute zero on our scale
Notes:  Crates are featured prominently on the box.
Kevin: Considering that 99% of all crates are empty or contain less than 5 pounds of material, why is it that almost always I can't pick the crate up, like in the old 2D games, and smash it over somebody's head? In fact, when I even try to move the crate, it's like I'm Thor trying to lift the earth, and my big muscleman character is barely able to slide it over the ground. 
Deus Ex (preview)
StC: currently unknown
Notes:  This is from the recently released preview movie.
erik: Finally, a crate game for me, the thinking man.   You see all those options at the bottom?  Those are for strategy.  You're gonna have to do some sneaky shit to separate that crate from its health.
deusex_crate_in_preview_movie2.jpg (8619 bytes) erik: Ah hah.  A crowbar.   He's going to use it to jerry-rig a radio transmitter that will be used to contact headquarters for a team of specialists with a -
deusex_crate_in_preview_movie3.jpg (7690 bytes) Kevin: He smashed it. 
erik: fuck.
Kevin: I'm goin' home.   Later Chet.
erik: Bye Kevin!
Kevin:  Look, Jewey Jewenstein, it's gonna be hard to do that big retard wave of yours when I break your collarbone.  Get out of my way.  I'm takin' the rest of the funyons.
erik: my funyons...


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