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Crate Review System
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Trespasser (part 1)
StC: 0 seconds
Notes:  This is the very beginning of the game, just after your plane has crashed on the beach.
Chet: That plank of wood could be all that's left of a crate that smashed on impact.
Kevin: I think we should press on.  We're tracking crates and this is like crate spoor.
erik:  Crates were here...   Recently.
Trespasser (part 2)
StC: 12 seconds
Notes:  Climb over the ridge and walk towards the compound in the distance.
Chet: Bingo.  You know, twelve seconds really isn't that bad.  This game was ahead of its time, Start-to-Crate-wise.
Kevin: What idiot put the crate on top of that building and then left it hanging halfway off?  It's rather clearly marked "Fragile".
erik:  Let's leave before the game makes us stack these things.
Carnivores 2
StC: Unknown
Notes:  None found.  But this area appears to be a likely center of crate activity.
Chet:  There're crates here, but it's a matter of blind luck if you happen to stumble across one.  This place is vast.
erik: Ooh, I saw a squirrel.  Do you know when squirrels do that thing where they dash out in front of traffic?  That's called eXtreme Squirreling.  And I think it's awesome.
Soldier of Fortune
StC: 45 seconds
Notes:  Keep moving forward.
Kevin: I wonder how they're gonna to work a crate into the subway.
erik: Flaming barrel!
Kevin: Of course.  It's obvious, once you know the secret.
Chet:  That was a fun forty-four seconds.
Unreal Tournament
StC: 11 seconds
Notes:  Make right turns.  
Chet: I think this StC could vary depending on your respawn position.  It could go as low as zero seconds.
Kevin:  For the record, I'm of the opinion that CliffyB is definitely not gay.
erik: You think he likes women?
Kevin:  CliffyB's a man?

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