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Crate Review System
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Battlezone 2
StC: 119 seconds
Notes:  Follow Lt. Shabayev.  She will take you to the crates.
Chet: I didn't think we'd ever find the crates.
erik: I knew we would because I believe in myself.  I'm high on life.  I'm so high on life, I shouldn't be allowed to drive, if I wasn't already not allowed to drive for other reasons.
Chet: Me too.  What about you Kevin?
Kevin: I'm high on heroin.
erik: Is that like hugs?
Kevin: Kind of, but you're being hugged from the inside.   Imagine being high on life, except you're actually high.  And unlike life, you don't die at the end.  Usually.
Croc 2
StC: -5 seconds (adjusted)
Notes:  Once again, you start the game staring right at some crates.
Chet: Any game that includes dialogue about the crates gets penalized 5 seconds.
Kevin: Check.
erik:  Yes.  Also, I don't like those little backpacks like the one Croc is wearing.  Playing this game would be like steering a fifteen year old girl through the mall while she's shopping for crates.
Swat 3
StC: 2 seconds
Notes:  Edge by your team and go to left side of the porch.
erik:  At least they put the crates off to the side where you wouldn't find them unless you were looking for them.   I think that -
Chet: Do you want a Hertz Donut?
erik: Not if it's not a donut, but just you hitting me then saying "Hurts, don' it?"
Chet: No, it's really a donut.
erik: oka-OW!.  That's not funny anymore.
Chet: It's still funny for me.
Rogue Spear
StC: 8 seconds
Notes:  Just wander around the museum; you'll find them.
Kevin: Do you know what's in those crates?
erik: Ammo?
Chet: Health?
Kevin: Nope.  Those are the indestructible type of crates that are used for jumping on.
erik:  I was pretty close.
Rogue Spear: Urban Ops
StC: 1 second
Notes:  Don't move, just turn a little to the right.  
erik: Bravo, bravo this is bravo.   Do you think there's a Tango hiding behind the crate?  Over. ...  Kevin?
Kevin: I don't know.
erik:  Go code Delta! Should I check it out? Bravo Tango over.
Kevin:  I don't know.

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