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Crate Review System
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Delta Force 2
StC: 9 seconds
Notes:  Run over the hill to find these crates.
Chet: I don't know anything about this game.
erik: Well, zero goes into nine... Hmm.  I found a bug in the calculator.  Let's just say nine times.  So you know that Delta Force 2 is nine times better than Doom.
Jedi Knight
StC: 6 seconds
Notes:  It's pretty complicated to get to the crate.   Look at the map.
erik: That's a big crate.
Kevin: You ever notice when you bust the crate open, it has like one thing inside of it? Like one health, yet it's coming out of this great big fucking crate that a forklift had to drop off in a room. Now I dunno about you, but whoever the workers were who put these giant crates in the room must've been pissed when they found out that it only contained a chicken leg.
erik:  I think they were wookies.
Kevin: Shut up.
StC: -5 seconds
Notes:  Crates appear in the intro movie.
Kevin:  The guy's doing a handstand to draw my attention away from the crates.
erik:  It's not working, because I think I can still see them.
Chet: This is just shameful.
StC: 50 seconds
Notes:  You have ride on a dragon and then run by some spiders to get to the crates.
Kevin: 50 seconds is no joke, my friend.
erik: Drakan was number two on the August, 1999 Softrend chart. 
System Shock 2
StC: 45 seconds
Notes:  Crate usage is one of the classes in basic training.  
erik: Look, I'm one of the System Shock developers and I just thought of a crazy way to store ammo: in crates!
Chet: You better add a training level to show people how to use these... what do you call them?  Crates?

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