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Crate Review System
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StC: 24 seconds
Notes:  You actually have to fight some things to find the first barrel.
Kevin: Blood is a good game.
erik: Do you mean in your opinion?
Kevin: No.
Blood 2 (Demo)
StC: 3 seconds
Notes:  You start in an elevator.  The elevator doors open to reveal a mother crate and its young.
Kevin: This shot reminds me: You'll see games with forklifts and crates, but you won't see one goddamn pallet. You know what a pallet is right? Yeah, you worked at the warehouse, you know. But all these whiny bitches who go to college on their parents' money and then design games have never been inside a real fucking warehouse and have no fucking clue that in order to move a fucking crate, you need to have a goddamn pallet.  Hey Monolith, how'd that fucking box get in there?
StC: 5 seconds
Notes:  You have to click through a bunch of maps to get to the crates.
Chet: There's actually a pallet here.  Unfortunately, it's sitting next to the crates.  It's like the designers knew the pallets had something to do with crates, but weren't sure what, so they just scattered a few around them.
Codename: Eagle
StC: 3 seconds
Notes:  Go straight from where you start for exactly 3 seconds.
Kevin: Alternate universe, same crates.
StC: -2 seconds (adjusted)
Notes:  You start the game staring at crates.   
erik: Do I see crates and a flaming barrel?
Kevin: My calculations show that Kingpin should be penalized two seconds for that, making it quite possibly the worst game ever.

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