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Deus Ex Walkthru
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Part 7:  You're Not Done Yet

At this point - thanks to his own stupidity - Manderley should be entirely dead.  If you hear a groaning noise coming out of Manderley, it's an indication that he's still a little bit alive.  Since you should be out of bullets, equip your crowbar and hit Manderley with it.  Notice how that merely causes him to make more noise.  Don't abandon the crowbar yet!  It's quite possible to kill him with it, it'll just take some time.  Hit Manderley with the crowbar again and again.   Notice how it becomes easier with each stroke. 

Once you're absolutely positive this time that Manderley is dead, stand up straight, exhale, and wipe your crowbar arm across your forehead.  Prop Manderley's corpse up in the chair.  You'll need to figure out what to do with the body later.  But for now, anyone passing by the office will think he's hard at work, not that, from what you've heard, anyone really knows what the hell it is he does anyway.

The office is yours!  Unfortunately, it smells like cigarettes and old people, and the presence of all his miserable knickknacks is a depressing memorial to Manderley's bad taste.  Forget about the odor for now.  Your first order of business is to find a place to stash all of Manderley's crap.  Luckily, there's a conference room right next door that looks as if it's already a dumping ground for twenty or thirty years of unwanted office supplies:

Part 8:  Items That Must Be Moved Out Of The Office

The Deus Ex designers have left the decorating choices largely up to you.   However, there are a few of Manderley's items that must be removed in order to beat the demo.

This trashcan in the bathroom takes up too much space and is redundant.  If you need to throw something away, why not flush it down the toilet?  If the toilet clogs, call plant services.   That's what they get paid for.  Replace the trashcan with an American flag.

Speaking of Flags, Manderley managed to lug a little piece of suburbia right into the UNATCO headquarters by proudly displaying this colorful pineapple flag that's behind and to the right of your desk.  Did he start each day with a heartfelt pledge of allegiance to the United States of America and a pineapple?  Who knows.  Maybe his wife made him put it there.  You can replace it with an American flag.

As Antiques Roadshow twin appraisers Leigh and Leslie might say once the cameras are off: ugh, awful.  This Loetz glass vase is an imitation, and a bad one.   Although it's entirely optional, as you're transporting it to the conference room, you should grip it lightly at the lip with two fingers, hold it at arms length, and make a face as if the vase smells bad.

Ahh, a true piece of legendary crap-o-la: the dusty gourd with "Antigua" artlessly scrawled across it by some malnourished darkie.  On your way to the conference room, take a second to notice that this is just the kind of appalling trinket your new secretary Janice Reed would probably enjoy.  Maybe she can put it right next to the fax she has taped to her monitor that reads "Failure to plan on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part!!!"  She's an idiot, but you're going to need her on your side.  Give Janice the gourd.

Once you're done moving all the ugly souvenirs of Manderley's pathetic life into the conference room, it should look like this:

Tomorrow: Part 2 of our exclusive walk-through!

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