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E3 2000 Wrap-up
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I rejoined Kid Wykked just in time for a big surprise.  This picture got cut off, but that's me shaking hands with Shigeru Miyamoto!  I look nevous because he's standing on a box that has "Shigeru Miyamoto #1" painted on it and he's so awesome!

"Hurro." he said to me and I almost fainted.

I couldn't get the words out fast enough.  "Mr. Miyamoto," I said, "This one time the rainspout on our house started spouting cherry Kool-Aid!   Chet told me, hey man, just because it's red don't make it Kool-Aid.  I said, taste it!  And he said, I ain't gonna taste it, you taste it.  So I said, I did taste it - all day.  And he said, well I don't know what the shit that stuff is, but it's not Kool Aid.  Later, we found out a squirrel got trapped in the gutter and died and the Kool-Aid was runoff from the squirrel corpse.  So Chet was right." 

"Ah." Miyamoto said.

"Yeah, what do you think about that?" I said.

"Who are you?" he said, pointing at Sean.

"I play the bass, man." Sean said.  "That ocarina a' time is some heavy, heavy shit.  When I play my bass I go back in time.   To a time before dinosaurs when rock ruled the Earth!"

"What the Hell is wrong with you two?" Chet was mad.   "Those are our two best ideas, man.  Zelda 5 is gonna have all that shit in it now.  I expect it from erik, man, but c'mon Sean.  Get the weed outta your shoe, brother.  You know what I'm sayin'?"

"Who are you?" Miyamoto asked Chet.

"I'm the guy the Tokyo fire department's gonna call to say that they found a drumstick with my name on it shoved so far up your ass someone had to call the fire department.  That's who I am.  Do we understand each other?"

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