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SWAT 3 Strategy Guide
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General Tips and Guidelines

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Remember before your confirmation when you got the chance to say confession to the bishop and he gave you 35 Hail Marys and 15 Our Fathers for fighting with your younger brother and you told the bishop you liked him and that's why you'd kill him last?  Guess what, padre.  I lied.

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While it's heartwarming to think that these tough guys stand around the back of the van watching Friends reruns before going into combat, there is nothing ever worth watching on this TV.  I think the section to the right of the van is your standard construction-site snack truck.  You can get a polish boy before your head off into battle.

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During the arming up sequence, make sure to get rid of all those "less lethal" bullets and arm up on the real thing, tank-piercing if possible.  When your tactical plan is to spray gunfire indiscrimantly into a room, you need to pack plenty of extra rounds.

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Playing our way, you might not see the end.  Does it matter?  Somehow you save the world and they have a long montage of the world powers you protect.  The first flag up?  Canada.  Why not just have the words, "The End"  It's a real shot to the leg to discover that I've wasted my policing skills helping Canada.

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