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SWAT 3 Strategy Guide
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So your squad's come across some civilians, or in the lingo of policework "suspects", before you've had a chance to practice your superior tactics.  Here are a few pointers for handling the situation.

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You just saved this woman from certain death.   S.W.A.T. requires that you cuff her, but unfortunately you can't gag her.  This means that the entire time you're near her, she will continue to berate you for your heroics.   A quick shot to her leg won't help, but it won't hurt either. 
You, I mean.

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S.W.A.T. doctrine dictates that you take the time to call for an evacuation of this slightly wounded suspect.  Why?  So he can clog the penal system and hasten the release of a child molester from our overcrowded country-club prisons.  A sustained volley of bullets to the legs when no one's looking will ensure death from no legs, saving you, the taxpayers, and the world's sexy children plenty of money and heartbreak.

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Sometimes, you can become confused as to what needs to done to bring the mission to an end.  As a last resort you may actually start calling for the evac of some downed suspects.  What happens?  That cocky guy on blue team overrides your call to Talk with "Talk, ignore that last transmission, suspect is dead." 

Hey, you fucking hump, who's in charge here?  Me, you fucking hump.  When red team starts calling you "sir", then maybe you can send transmissions to Talk   

Let a round to the leg act as the final period in your verbal reprimand.  As long as you keep it to just one bullet, your squad will understand - not to motherfucking trifle with you like you ain't a crazy nigga.  And that's another leadership tactic: shooting people in the leg will only get you so far.  Lots of swearing and rap-talk can mean the difference between regular winning and extra winning.

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