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Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit
1999-01-08 Staff
Cops chase bad guys, bad guys run from cops. A good test for employers. Set a prospective new hire before this game, and see what side of the law he plays.

1999-01-08 Staff
Danny Glover takes crap from no one. In this one man produced title, Danny takes us back to his roots, the early years. In a touching scene worthy of "Inside the Actors Studio" Danny reveals to make himself cry he thinks of something sad, and to get himself up for a scene where he needs to play someone happy, he thinks happy thoughts. Truly a moving CD. To round out the CD there is an appearance from James Lipton, who brings his normal stench of a failed acting to this title.

1998-03-15 Staff
Hey it's a wacky happy croc... have they missed making any animals into the stars of light arcade action games? Ferrets... does anyone know is there a ferret game out yet? If not I may just have to push the making of a ferret based game at E3...

Redneck Rampage
1998-03-07 Staff
Redneck's on a rampage. What's new? A Redneck bathing, now that would be something...

1998-03-06 Staff
Post-apocalyptic Role Playing. I've been playing this a lot recently. I REALLY dig this game. Spritual sequel to the RPG classic Wasteland. Apparently, even though this game spent three and a half years in development, part two is going to be out this year. Let's hope so. For a really fun time, order this AND a copy of Myth.

Gettysburg (Sid Meier's )
1998-03-06 Staff
I must apologize for erik's review that is listed below... I believed him and never played this one... Erik was wrong, dead wrong. This game is super cool... from clean strategy, to subtle hints by your forces, this one is a great, easy to play strategy game. This is now my strategy game of choice over Panzer General 2...

Below is erik's review

Sid Meier's bore fest. The game looks cool. There is a lot of clicking going on.... but is it fun? I really keep coming back to this one, I
should like it, shouldn't I? I just don't know...

Note from erik: chet is on crank. The above review (that he attributes to me) was actually written by HIM! He hates Sid Meier's Gettysburg. He hates everything about the civil war, except sniffing ether off a rag (just like soldiers in the war between the states did before somebody amputated their leg and stacked it up outside like cordwood) - which may explain his alzheimers-esque history with this game.

Great Battles of Alexander
1998-03-06 Staff
I have a copy of this that I wiped my ass with if anyone is intrested... It will cost you $2.00 more, as my crap improves this crap... Do I care what Alexander ate the morning of the battle? These games are just getting to into detail... but I love the heady arguments on the newsgroups about them....

Fifa 98
1998-03-06 Staff
Fifa soccer... what the hell this is not an american sport, do not let your children grow up playing this!

Carmageddon Max Pack
1998-03-06 Staff
Haven't bought Carmageddon yet? What were you waiting for? A bundle? Here it is... Now go out and run someone over. Box includes, Carmageddon, Splat Pack, Mouse Mat, and Key Chain...

X-men Quake Addon
1998-03-06 Staff
Quake Addon

1998-03-05 Staff
Is it the next civilization? Or am I just too sick of civ ripoffs to care? Do you like to micro manage? Do you want to have to tell each of your officers when they should get haircuts? This is the game for you, tedious to distraction.

Virtual Pool 2
1998-03-05 Staff
Okay the computer makes some odd shot choices, but damnit to hell this is one beautiful, fun pool game. Buy this if you like pool but don't want to smell like smoke.

Heavy Gear
1998-03-05 Staff
I had a dream where game makers just acted as agents licensing products and then just renaming previously released games to fit the new licensing deal... and then I woke up and saw this! AND MY DREAM CAME TRUE!!!!! ARRRGRGRHGHGRHGRHGRH THIS IS MECH 2!!! THIS IS NOT A NEW GAME! This is repackaged crap, crap I tell you!!! I am going back to bed and try to dream when a company will actually make an Id killer game, when sports games won't suck on the PC, and when games won't require to look for the f'ing cd to play them...

Civilization 2 & Command & Conquer
1998-03-05 Staff
Civ2 & C&C... if you missed either of these now is a good time to save a couple of bucks and pick them up together...

Age of Empires
1998-03-05 Staff
I have to admit... this "game of the year" was hated when we first got it... sure i loved the idea, the music and the graphics... but my men were so stupid! They got trapped behind walls, behind each other, they didn't help each other out...

BUT THEN... came the patch... screw game of the year... this should be the patch of the year (if quake2 didn't have so many small patches I would have thought those patches should win...) We were lazy getting to the patch... we didn't jump right on it... but I am telling you, if you tried AOE earlier without the patch, get the patch and try it again.

Now if the old man would just leave us alone so we could get back to playing it multiplayer... (the 50 player limit never bothered us...)

As a side note, this is the cd I leave in for Grand Theft Auto, it's almost like a slow shiekback instrumental...

1998-03-05 Staff
I-war... sure we were not the first, but we have it now.... This is the game that has all of europe talking like 12 year old girls discussing the Hanson Brothers (and not the hockey players...)

The official US release will not be available until May... and when it comes out this version will have a free patch to update it to the same version which will include 3DFX support.

Please download the 1_11 Patch before running this on a non UK machine... After this patch is installed, it will run flawlessly on US machines...

Fisherman's Paradise
1998-03-05 Staff
Oh what? Did they improve on Bass Fishing? CRAP CRAP CRAP... And I know someone will write in that oh no, you are mistaken, this is actually a very fun fishing simulator... well guess what? There are no good veneral diseases, and there are no good fishing simulations...

Panzer General 2 Bundle (w/Strategy Guide)
1998-03-05 Staff
Like this one. Panzer General was great, and this is a great follow up.

Deadlock 2 Shrine Wars
1998-03-05 Staff
Now would be a good time to get together with some friends, call your mom, go to the dentist, watch paint dry... Anything but play this game.

Ultima Collection
1998-03-05 Staff
For those of you who do not know why Ultima Online is such a disappointment, pick this up... these are some great games.

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