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Deus Ex Walkthru
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Part 3:  Reconnoitering The Ladies' Room (optional)

As you're making your rounds with the flag, notice that the ladies' room door is wide open.  Interesting.  Also note that the lady in the bathroom can see you reflected in the mirror.  If she makes eye contact, you can either pretend to be blind (use the flag as a cane) or simply pretend to be looking at the flag.  This lady is a lazy temp who can always be found in either the bathroom or the smoke room and is generally disliked by everyone.  Later, she'll be an important target of scorn in your attempts to bond with the permanent staff.   Getting caught spying on her in the toilet might provide her the opportunity to appear legitimately sympathetic in the eyes of the very people you're going to need to impress, so be careful.  Although the door is open, you can't get a good viewing angle into either of the stalls without actually entering the room.  Prove this to yourself by moving a few feet to the right.  See?  Press F12 to activate your nano-spotlight.  Notice that it doesn't help.  This entire sequence is optional, but it's better to know all of this information now rather than have to wonder about it every time you pass the bathroom.   If one of the guards catches you conducting your experiments, don't panic.  If you've installed enhanced leg actuators, run.  Otherwise, just come clean with him.  There's a random chance that he'll understand.  Either way, remember to protect the flag.

Part 4: Your Office 

Once everyone has seen the flag, ditch it in the Men's room on level 3.  Now you have to find your office.   If you can locate Agent Gunther, he'll tell you where it is, but you'll have to give him one of the sodas you should have picked up in the Statue of Liberty.   Alternately, you can work your way upstairs, taking every right turn, until you find it.  Upon arriving at your office, walk in and allow yourself a few moments to take a long, incredulous look.  Pay special attention to what a preposterous shithole it really is.  They can't seriously expect you to work in this:

Again, don't panic.  The Deus Ex designers don't expect someone as important as you to accept this emasculating bunker of a workspace.   Welcome to the endgame, in which you're going to take the office you deserve, then redecorate it. 

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