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1.2.0 Patch Update
Date: 07/12/01 06:00:00
First the bad news: Satchels are debugged and code-frozen, but we've run out of unmapped keys and key combinations on a standard keyboard to assign them to.  We are looking into possible keyless solutions such as signalling your intent to place a satchel charge by using a USB connected optical pen reader to scan a barcode.  We wanted to keep the system flexible, so the barcode will be printed on a collectible foil sticker that you can put on the side of your case or maybe your monitor or really anywhere within the length of the optical pen's cord - tentatively three feet. 

Now the good news: Grenades are in! Our commitment to bringing you the actual battlefield experience has resulted in the most realistic depiction of maintaining and throwing a grenade ever attempted.  Here's how it works:

-Press shift-7 to inspect the grenade for obvious defects.
-Press shift-8 to inspect the grenade for less obvious defects.
-If a defect is found, you will be alerted.  Press shift-E to "Enter" the grenade alert screen so that grenade alerts may be read.  Alternate between pressing shift-7 and ctrl-8 relatively quickly to correct the obvious defects, faster for less obvious defects.
-If fixing the defect is not possible, you will be alerted to return to the nearest Resource Center where you must turn in the grenade at the flag station by pressing alt-M.
-Press ctrl-L to ensure that the fuze is not unscrewed from the body of the grenade.
-Press ctrl-L again to visually inspect the safety pin
-If the pin appears partially removed, press cltr-l a third time to carefully push it back in place. Note: Any time you monkey with the pin, make sure you're also pressing shift-A to hold the lever securely down.
-Press shift-L to visually inspect the grenade for dirt.
-If the grenade appears dirty or grimy, press M to engage your damp cloth (this replaces the 'map' key),  Press shift-M several times to wipe the grenade. 
-In order to simulate a structural peculiarity that surfaced when grenades of this era were wiped too vigorously, you probably want to once again visually inspect the pin by pressing ctrl-L.
-In order to further simulate battlefield conditions, pressing alt-R will erroneously connect the grenade to your clothing by the pull ring.  We do not expect this option to be utilized much; it's simply there for historical accuracy.
-Soldiers of the era on both sides had a recognized fascination with attempting to modify their grenades using tape or wire - always against the strong reccommendations of the manufacturer.  The alt-P/shift-P sequence simulates this preoccupation.  After using the 'equpiment modification temptation' option, there is a good possibility that the grenade will explode in your hand.  Though there is a chance that it will not.
-Okay, soldier, you're ready to throw the grenade! Right after you press shift-V to open your ammunition pouch and then, using a combination of the shift key and the hat control on your joystick, rotate the grenade so that the pull ring is pointing down.
-Press J once for each of the following actions: a) Remove safety clip b) Pull pin c) Throw
-Find cover immediately! Do not wait for the grenade to land!
-The Grenade is a two-man crewed armament.  While you look for cover, the 'spotter' should be positioned at a distance where he can safely watch the grenade land so that between the two of you, someone can probably see what happens.
-Though he cannot carry any grenades himself, the 'spotter' has his own damp cloth which he can use to help wipe off your grenade. 

Have Fun!

Chris "Mo" Sherland
WWIIOL's Producer

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