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Origin To Drag Entire Industry Down With It 2000-04-14 Erik
We received mail from everyone about this.  Including LordBritish from his hotmail, rocketmail, portalofevil, and fatchicksinpartyhats accounts.   Thanks to all of you.
I haven't been this upset since my applications to be a Diablo 2 beta tester and Neil Garland Swanson-Chrisman's boyfriend were both rejected on the same day.  Origin, a company widely known for personally screwing me out of fifty bucks with Ultima IX, a game in which programming errors battle each other gladiator-style for the privilege of crashing my computer, has posted the following information on their website:

We’re excited and enthused about the upcoming publish of Ultima Online: Renaissance and we sincerely hope you’ll enjoy all the great systems and updates we’ve bundled together in this new package. However, the changes and features included in Ultima Online: Renaissance are some of the most complex and elaborate changes we’ve published since the game was released, and because of this, we’ve decided to delay the publish of Ultima Online: Renaissance until we are secure in delivering a quality gaming experience to our customers.

While we can delay the release of Ultima Online: Renaissance to our servers, we cannot delay the retail release, and thus you may see the new UO: Renaissance box on the shelves of your neighborhood software store now. For our new players, we hope this very short delay will provide ample time to experience and explore the world of Britannia before you settle in to enjoy all that Renaissance has to offer.

In these two short paragraphs, Origin has effectively ended what will someday be known as the golden age of games.  They've broken the sacred bond of trust between gamer and gaming mega-corporation: that there is actually a game in the box you're purchasing.  And the reason for the delay?   The features are "some of the most complex and elaborate changes we've published."  In other words, programming games is hard.   No shit, Origin.  That's why we pay you to do it.  Did you think it was your staff's imaginative brilliance that drove sales?  I'll let you fancy pants "designers" in on a little secret: a retard could come up with the concept of hitting an Orc with a hammer.  We gamers just need someone to do the mundane gruntwork of banging out the million lines of code it takes to make that happen.  In other words, when you're done writing Ultima Online 2, could you send Designer Dragon over to mow my lawn?

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