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New Game Demo! 1999-07-09 Erik
We always thought making a hit game would be difficult.  We were wrong.
I don't think anyone would argue with me when I say that video games as an art form reached their peak in 1990 with the release of Capcom's Final Fight.  I've had a lot of time in the can to analyze this landmark work, and I think I've come up, finally, with a worthy sequel.  I call it Final Fight: Stratego.  

The game itself is turn-based strategy, like Heroes of Might & Magic only fifty times better.  You are Mike Haggar and you must punch a thug called Bred until he dies or else he will punch you to death.  But here's the thing: you can harvest and collect a resource called meat and eventually use it to build a phone booth.  If you manage to construct the phone booth, you win - strategically.  Also, you can strategize with counselor Dog.  Listen to him, because he knows a lot about the world of Final Fight: Stratego.  Sometimes you might not understand what he is telling you, but think harder!  It means something! 

We have a few legal wrinkles to smooth over with the people at Capcom and Parker Brothers, but I'm pretty sure the full game will be released this Christmas.  Really, when you think about it, I'm already in jail, so what are they going to do?  Have me killed in prison?

Play Final Fight: Stratego!

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